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Bilat Shaista
Semi-professional boxer

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Bil Sha has been boxing since 2007. He currently holds the UKBU London Featherweight Title which he defeated Reece Houghton in September 2019 ,  He was inspired by watching Mike Tyson since the early years and wanted to try his talent out in boxing due to family circumstances he could not participate much as an amateur boxer and became busy with everyday life.

Still, since 2007 he gave his passion that time and started doing what he most enjoys ‘Boxing’. He commenced training and took part in a local white-collar event which he lost his first-ever fight, he had an appetite for boxing since then and wanted to better himself and challenged himself to get winning. He competed in Amateur events since 2007 and came back winning all his bouts; he is a Featherweight fighter. In 2014 he wanted to step his game up and went Semi-Professional signed by UKBU (United Kingdom Boxing Union) since then he has won all his bouts and now is progressing.

He is coached by Turkish National Olympian Sedat Sag Owner of North London Boxing Club. He has been mentored by Herol Graham who is a British former professional boxer competing from 1978 to 1998. Herol was undefeated in his first 38 fights and did win the British Commonwealth and European Light- Middleweight, He recently had Arif Batili as a Strength & Conditioner Trainer, Arif is qualified and accredited by England Boxing Coaches and is now training him for his next bout which is for the Vacant English Featherweight Title.

Bil has been so well developed by Sedat with his boxing skills with the approach of ‘Every Punch Must Count’ Discipline, Sedat brings out the quality in Bil, and by this, he remains still undefeated, Bil’s fights are Sanctioned by the UKBU (United Kingdom Boxing Union)

Bil is managed and promoted by the CEO of Super – Series -Boxing Mr Walid Ali who has had a great history in boxing and now promotes many great fights in Super series boxing.

Walid plays a big part in Bil’s development in becoming elite in his boxing career.